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Cadet Ranks

Air Cadet Rank Structure – Cadet Ranks

(no rank badge)




Flight Sergeant

Cadet Warrant Officer

  • minimum First Class Cadet (preferably Leading Cadet)
  • minimum of 14 years of age
  • attended at least one weekend camp
  • attended either a Squadron or Wing JNCO course
  • represented the squadron at Wing Athletics in any event
  • partaking in DEA Award
  • pass Individual Drill Test
  • competency in taking Flight drill

pass Basic ATC Knowledge Test

As for Cadet Corporal, plus:

  • minimum Leading Cadet
  • minimum of 15 years of age
  • attended at least one week-long RAF Camp or Green Camp
  • attended either a Squadron or Wing SNCO course
  • passed a drill competency test under supervision of Squadron Discipline NCO
  • competency in teaching drill
  • able to supervise JNCO’s
  • ability to do some basic classroom training for First Class Cadet
  • able to explain basic Corps structure

regularly partakes in squadron social activities or fundraising events

As for Cadet Sergeant, plus:

  • minimum of Senior Cadet
  • 17 years of age
  • suitable, mature character
  • completed Wing BASIC course
  • passed a drill instruction competency test under supervision of Squadron Discipline NCO
  • ability to do any classroom training from the cadet syllabus
  • completed either a squadron or Wing Drill Instructor course
  • Full knowledge of Wing structure
  • occasional attendance at Squadron Civilian Committee meetings
  • organised a cadet training day or weekend, with staff supervision
  • organised a squadron social activity

sound knowledge of squadron procedures (Fire Drills etc)

As for Cadet Flight Sergeant, plus:

  • minimum Mater Cadet level
  • minimum of 18 years of age
  • sound knowledge of ATC administration

pro-actively organising various activities

All Air Cadets start off at the rank of Cadet. NCO’s (Non-Commissioned Officers) are appointed by the Commanding Officer. NCO’s are cadets who have shown qualities of commitment, enthusiasm, are smartly turned out in their uniform, and most importantly, show the ability to lead other cadets and initiative to deal with a variety of situations – which is not something everyone can do naturally. Not everyone can get promoted, and it normally takes at least a year before a person makes the dizzy heights of Cadet Corporal – so it is quite a special moment when you get your first set of stripes as a Junior NCO in front of the whole squadron!

As a Corporal, you will be expected to take other cadets for drill, organise and be responsible for them. You will have to learn how to effectively give orders in such a way that your cadets learn to respect you.

Corporal – Sergeant (Cpl – Sgt) Course

This is a 2.5 day course for prospective or recently (within a year) promoted sergeants. The aim of the course is to provide cadet senior non-commissioned officers with a thorough understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It will also include the Instructor Cadet Instructional Methods (ICIM) course. Delegates are expected to have a good knowledge of the Air Training Corps and will be assessed to this effect.

Suggested eligibility: Candidates should be at least 16 years old, have served at least 12 months in the rank of cadet corporal, be a minimum senior cadet classification, hold a Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and be active members of the unit. Ideally the candidate will have attended the Wing JNCO Course.

Course Content: