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1406 Spalding Squadron
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Parade Nights
Every Tuesday at 7.00pm - 9.30pm
Every Thursday at 7.00pm - 9.30pm

Parent Info


The squadron and Air Cadet Organisation is for young people, both male and female, joining between 13, or at age 12 when beginning school year 8 (England & Wales), S2 (Scotland) Yr 9 (Northern Ireland) and 17 years old you can join us, for information on enrolment and training. (See our FCTC section.)


Parades start at 1900hrs (7pm) on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, we ask that cadets are not dropped off, or left unattended, before this time. Staff may not have arrived before this time and therefore there is no one to supervise and assist the cadets. Parades end between 2120 and 2130 hrs (9:20pm and 9:30pm). 

We can conduct training and visits during the weekends and on weekdays during School holidays. Please note there are compulsory parades and events, your cadet will be expected to attend; these include Remembrance Sunday (November), ATC Sunday (February), and the squadron’s annual inspection (usually September).

Uniform and Leaving:

We accept that the ATC is not for everyone and it is usually during the first months that Junior Cadets find out if the Sqn or Corps is for them, some find that they do not like the training, discipline and activities. We ask only that they let a uniformed member of staff know that they would like to leave.

As their training progresses, the “Blue” Uniform (excluding Parade Shoes) will be provided from the RAF if stock and sizes are available, but we expect all uniform and any equipment on issue/loan to be returned as the cadet leaves by requesting a meeting with the Sqn OC.

RAF Parade Shoes are mandatory and cadets are expected to have RAF Parade shoes by the time they have completed their induction period and have been issued with their uniform.

A cadet is expected to keep their uniform clean and well looked after; instruction on care of uniform is one of the subjects taught in the initial training period.

Record of Service:

3822” (Cadet Log Book) is issued to a cadet once they have completed their 1st Class Cadet training, this records all their activities in the corps, acts as a form of Identification (ID) so must be treated with respect, kept safe and is theirs to keep when their leave the corps. 


All of the staff at the Squadron are volunteers; many are either ex-cadets, parents of cadets, former RAF personnel helping during their spare time. Squadron staff include officers in the RAF Air Cadets, Warrant Officers (WO’s), Flight Sergeants (FSgt’s) and Sergeants (Sgt’s) and Civilian Instructors.

All staff, plus any Cadets agreed to remain in the Corps after their 18th birthday have to be both security cleared and have an ‘Enhanced’ Criminal Record Disclosure (CRB) check, to enable them to work with children and young adults. Staff have skills and qualifications to conduct and supervise the training undertaken by the cadets, staff receive compulsory initial training and can undertake further voluntary training to broaden the activities available to the cadets.

We are a Charity:

The squadron is a registered charity and has a Civilian Committee (see the Civilian Committee section).


Cadets pay subscriptions, currently £10 per month, the bulk of this is sent to our Wing, Region and National Headquarters to help cover the cost of some of the activities on offer, including Flying, Gliding, and Sports. Part of the money is also used to offset the running costs of the building, e.g. electricity costs. Subscriptions are payable whether a cadet attends or not, and only end when a cadet ends his or her service with the Squadron.


Once your cadet has decided to stay and made rank of 2nd Class Cadet, you can fill in the form to access a secure Group on Facebook for parents. (Link) We will not accept friend requests or invites without the form being received first. Upon receipt of your form, you will be sent a “Group Invite”. 

Once your cadet reaches the correct age for Facebook they can also join the Sqn Facebook page, this will provide a valuable communication option for them. 

Please note for security only one Parent/Guardian will be accepted onto the Parent’s Page at any time, information about parades and events will be treated with our organisations expectations for both security and confidentiality.