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ILM Level 3 in Management for Squadron Cadets

untitleduntitled1During the half term two of the squadrons cadets, Cadet Flight Sergeant Avery and Cadet Sergeant Bertolaso, travelled down to Somerset for a week long course run by CVQO. It was a course for a Level 3 ILM in Leadership and Management offered by ILM. Cadets from all the corps, from wherever in the country can apply and 64 were given places on the course.

They left Spalding at 0700 on the Monday and travelled for several hours to get to Somerset for 1230. Once everyone had arrived they were taken to Quantock Lodge which would be their home for the rest of the week. On the monday evening the course was split into 8 teams of 8, then they spent the afternoon meeting their new team members.

On the Tuesday after breakfast we were driven down to Lydeard Farm, where they received a theory lesson before heading out to the farm and putting the theory into practice. In the evenings they worked on filling out their booklets.
The Wednesday was similar to the Tuesday, except half of each team would lead a 1hr 15min command task. SGT Bertolaso had to lead his team to assemble and fire a medieval trebuchet and FS Avery lead his team in building a bridge over some very muddy water.

On the Thursday the other halves of the team lead their tasks. Friday morning all the cadets packed their bags and then headed over to the lodge where they worked on finishing their booklets. The booklets were then submitted to CVQO to be assessed and the cadets are now awaiting the news to see if they have passed.

SGT Bertolaso said, “It was a phenomenal course, It allowed me to meet new people not just from the Air Cadets but also, Army Cadets, Sea Cadets, Police Cadets, and even cadets from the Combined Cadet Force.”
Overall the course has allowed for them to learn new skills and develop their current skills. These skills can be passed onto the cadets and we can help develop everyone at the squadron.