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Gold Wings for Cadet Warrant Officer

Cadet Warrant Officer Jordan Bertolaso (19), recently returned from Tayside Aviation in Dundee where he successfully completed the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme, a 12hr flying scholarship, applied for through the squadron.

The Air Cadet Pilot Scheme is open up to over 40,000 cadets, with 186 places per year, 30 places are split evenly across the Beds & Cambs Region. To apply for the scheme you must be 16 years old with a good interest in aviation.

The course provides twelve hours flying in the Aquila A211 aircraft shown in the picture, with the end goal to be the cadet flying solo. Students must learn the principles of flight, aircraft controls, recovering from stalls, circuits and theory as part of the ground school part of the course. CWO Bertolaso was one out of the four that passed on his course.

CWO Bertolaso was assessed and flew to a solo, earning him the Corps coveted Gold Wings, which he can now proudly display on his uniform.

CWO Bertolaso said “The course itself is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whilst the flying was of course the greatest aspect of the course, the opportunity to meet people from all of the Corps was amazing. I highly recommend the course to any other cadet”.