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Courtesy of an ex cadet…..


I was looking through some old Flypast magazines and came upon the attached article about sprucing up a display Canberra in the September 1986 edition.

The picture at the bottom of the page shows 1406 cadets hard at work scrubbing down the aircraft. I was tickled to see mention of 1406 as that was my old squadron back in the early 60’s.

It prompted me to visit your web site and I was amazed at the changes that have taken place over the years. When I joined the squadron it was based along the river behind the Odeon cinema and had a worn out link trainer and the cockpit of a Supermarine Swift (I think) to play with.

Our power flying was in DHC Chipmunks and gliding in T21 Sedbergh’s with trips to RAF Wittering for a look around the cockpit of one of their Victors.

Your web site shows a cadet holding a rather fearsome looking modern firearm. We had Lee Enfield 303’s with holes in the breech block for drill purposes and if we went shooting we used to go down the road to the dreaded Army Cadets to use their indoor range and rifles which, I think, were 303’s re-barrelled to take 22 bullets.

1406 comprised of two flights, Spalding and Holbeach which normally only met up for excursions. I joined the ATC because of my love of aircraft and flying and when I left the Gleed Boys School my family moved to Bedford and I got a job at The Cranfield College of Aeronautics as a Junior Technician, mainly so that I could work with or close to aircraft.

Its been fun reminiscing and good to know 1406 is still going strong and I wish you all well for the future.

Regards John Snape